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From Hong Kong to the UK,
always taking care of your well-being

Do you feel weird going out in public and buying condoms? Even though condoms are very common, it seems that most are still embarrassed to buy them.

For this reason, Sampson Store was founded in Hong Kong in 2002 and later entered the UK in 2020. With the vision of making safe sex accessible to everyone, we are dedicated to offering quality condoms to you and your partner online, creating safe and comfortable intimate experiences. At Sampson Store, you will never shop with embarrassment but will be surprised by the vast variety of condoms! Besides, all products are fully compliant with MHRA regulations and delivered directly to you from our local warehouse in the UK, giving you peace of mind.

Thank you for visiting Sampson Store. We guarantee you will find the perfect condom here.

CS opens
until 7pm
in weekdays

Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact our CS executive immediately.

Customer Service Hour

10am - 7pm (Mon-Fri)
10am - 1pm (Sat)
*Except Sun & UK holidays

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